Gale is a complete genius with fabric. I heard about her from my mom, who lives in Steamboat, and it is well-worth the trip to see her any time I need some fabric magic. Not only did she re-create my favorite pair of slacks, which is beyond incredible, but she also took my wedding dress dreams and made them a reality!

We started with few pictures, some fabric swatches, and an idea, and then Gale worked her magic and I ended up with the perfect dress. The workmanship on the garment was incredible, and I looked amazing in it. I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve gotten from Gotta Loveitt. If you’re in Steamboat, and you need something done with fabric, go see Gale. She’s amazing.

Megan Taylor, 28
Arvada, CO

Testimonial sent via text message after completing a project.

“Oh, these shirts are stunning on me. They are so comfortable, thank you again, Gale. Can’t wait for our next project.”

Brenda Knaus,
Steamboat Springs, CO