Wedding dresses and other wedding garments that I have created over the years.

Fur Remodeling

After taking a course in furriering, I helped a woman turn a lovely Persian lamb coat into a vest. With that project, I realized my love of working with furs, and have been delighted to have several opportunities to do so. Most often, I am helping clients who have inherited out-of-date fur garments, turn those beautiful pelts into something they can actually use.
Aspens warm window cover - full image.jpg

Home Decoration

Various home decoration projects I have created.

Bathroom Mosaic Tile Project

Another delightfully crazy project. This tile is 99% from Resource Centers and was a delight to work with to create an unique and relatively inexpensive bathroom remodel (unless one is counting labor time).

Casual Wear

A collection of garments I've created for clients over the years.

Anything Goes

An assortment of random, wild things people have asked me to do over the years.